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How we do things

Instructor Led

Coaches offer instruction to help you get better each day. They also make sure you’re lifting safely and scaling up or down to your ability.

50 Minute Classes

We know how to help you get the most out of your training. All it takes is 50 minutes of hard work to see serious results.

Functional Fitness

This style of fitness is called 'Functional' because it's will equip you with just about anything life throws at you.

Dedicated Halo™

Our HALO™ system offers you a dedicated space with dedicated equipment. Never wait for a rack again. There’s nothing else like it.

The most efficient way to workout

The HALO by Industrious™ is the most unique feature about the Industrious experience. Inspired by the ultimate garage gym, The Halo™ is a 13x13ft dedicated workout station that is strategically oriented with state of the art equipment.

Everything you need is located conveniently within your HALO, making for a super fast and efficient workout so you can get your fitness in and then go crush your day.

the best possible way to spend 50 minutes

Our Industrious 50 class is a no bullshit workout experience that will rock your world! Within the Industrious HALO; We stretch, we lift, we grind, we sweat. We challenge each other to work harder, dig deeper, and break through barriers to unlock the inner badass in all of us.

other great reasons to join

We do offer discounts for couples, students, law enforcement, military, and even some local companies! For a complete and up-to-date list of our discounts, please view our membership prices.
Our facility is fully outfitted with state of the art, American-made Rogue equipment. Each person has their own dedicated equipment for the duration of class, and their own dedicated workout space called a HALO.
Enjoy exclusive music mixed by our very own resident DJ’s! These are unique, high energy mixes from a variety of genres. Enjoy great music you’ve know and love, mixed and remixed in ways you’ve never heard before to get you moving!
Measure your fat, muscle, and total body water. Scans are included with your membership so you can better understand what your body is composed and track progress.
During Open Gym there are no classes taking place. You are free to lift, move, and work. The facility is available for your own individual training. So grab a HALO and get after it!
Showcase your fitness in the great outdoors by reserving a seat on our Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. We hike, bike, we ski, and do all the outdoor things to enjoy everything the PNW has to offer.
Industrious has a ton of local business partners who offer discounts on their products or services for Industrious members! Get instant access to these when you activate your membership.
We collaborate and co-brand with lululemon, Goodr, Blender Bottle, FLEO, Born Primitive, MiiR, among many to provide our clients with the apex of technical and casual apparel, accessories, and supplements.
We guarantee you are going to sweat your ass off! 

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